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Taking the Primary step

We have lot of our existing business applications have a cloud capability – from Mobile Applications to ERP – We move your apps into the cloud at a pace that suits your business.

But with predictable costs for your business, controlled risk, and flexibility, the business case is robust . All you’ve got to try is to take the primary step.

Uptime Guarantee

With the cloud, you can expand to new geographic regions and deploy globally in minutes. As maximum Cloud Service Providers have 99.6% uptime by having infrastructure all over the world, so you can deploy your application in multiple physical locations with just a few clicks. Putting applications in closer proximity to end users reduces latency and improves their experience.

Cost Savings

The cloud computing allows you to trade capital expenses (i.e: Data Centers and Data Recovery  ) for variable expenses, and only pay as you consume. Plus, the variable expenses are much lower than what you would pay to do it yourself because of the economies of scalability.

Safe & Secure

Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier because data are often mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud network.

Cloud Infra Support

With our cloud computing services, We are dedicated to provide round the clock services with 365 days support system from chat, Mail and Tollfree Number.

Cloud migration

Steps for Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Requirement Analysis

Analyze your current IT Infra for cloud Migration and helping you to mitigate the requirement for Cloud Migration.

Risk Analysis

We will analyze the risk to improve your operational efficiency with out hampering your current operation. We will also minimize revenue loss or unexpected IT cost. 

Migrate & Manage

 We will prioritize your migration and resolve your high risk issues quickly and also manage your cloud services for 24 X 7 support system with our remote support


Experience Custom Cloud Solutions as Unique as your Business

In the current scenario every company needs the power to work anywhere. Cyberxene can assist you make a seamless transition to remote business with a secure, flexible cloud and digital services for mobility, virtualization, collaboration and support.

Public Cloud

Enterprise-Grade IaaS, Paas and Saas cloud Platform build on Latest Virtualization Technology.

Private Cloud

Cloud Platform builds on Scalable Private Cloud Technology for your Business.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Platform in which we combine your data center with Cloud DC/DR and with Auto scaling and Virtualization Technology.

Cloud Migration

Scalability, Agility, and Reliability. Our expert team is capable of performing a migration from any platform to the Cloud Platform.



Support Plans

Cloud/Service Support Plans

XeneCloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting Services

Cyberxene framework and best practices-driven Cloud Consulting services allow enterprises to crystallize broad cloud objectives into real execution roadmaps, supported individual, department-specific, or enterprise-wide requirements, and a guided assessment of the present state.

Enabling the proper Cloud trajectory by answering the proper questions

Whether you represent a line or the IT function, our Cloud Consulting Services can assist you to answer the subsequent questions:

  1. what’s the proper Cloud strategy and end state for our enterprise?
  2. what’s the simplest roadmap/how can we define a phased approach?
  3. How can we set and achieve the proper TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) goals?
  4. What quite ROI can we expect, across what time frame?
  5. Which cloud computing technologies should we adopt and invest in?
  6. How will our application landscape change? How can we prepare?

Talk with Our Consultants!

Switch to Cloud Environment TODAY which is Reliable, Safe, Flexible, and Efficient.

xeneCLOUD SERvices

PaaS Services

A PaaS provider ensures that a resilient platform is provided to the users which will be used for installing applications and data sets. With the assistance of the PaaS platform, users can completely consider creating and running the applications rather than building the underlying infrastructure and maintaining it.

Software Developers

Software developers can utilize the PaaS service for creating an application that will be offered through the web or for creating software that will be sold out of the box.

Web Developers

The web developers can work within the PaaS environments for developing and testing the applications and hosting the websites.


Through the PaaS technology, businesses get the advantage of building their own internal software especially for creating unique testing and developing environments.

Support Guaranteed

24/7 Technical Support

Cyberxene offers robust, multi-tier, end-to-end support services. We specialise in driving customer satisfaction through delivering value instead of just providing ancillary services.

24/7 Sales Support

Cyberxene Offers robust and instant sales support by understanding the client’s requirements. We specialize in driving customer satisfaction by connecting with our experts.

Cloud Services made your Life Easy..


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